The Plays


HOPSCOTCH: PART ONE By Binghao Zhao (February 17-19)

         “In this world, nothing is harder than love.” She said.

February 17th, Friday @8pm
February 18th, Saturday @2pm and 8pm
February 19th, Sunday @2pm
For ticket reservations:


SHITBIRD By Torrey Townsend (March 1-3)


ENTER YOUR SLEEP By Christina Quintana, Directed by Jonathan McCrory (March 2-4)

      Sleep’s underrated.

Ying Le                Producer
Meropi Peponides Dramaturg/Producer
Luis Santiago       Stage Manager
Morgan Fox          Set & Props Designer
Drew Vanderburg  Sound & Projection Designer
Evan Roby            Lighting Designer
Nicklaus Faith       Graphic Designer

March 2 & 3 at 8 pm
March 3 & 4 at 2 pm
For ticket reservations:


HOLLYWOOD By Keith Boynton (March 23-25)

        A struggling 1930’s screenwriter meets an actress in mortal danger – but, this being Hollywood, nothing is as it seems.


THE YIN AND THE YANG By Angelica Chéri (April 5-7)

         Like Oil desperately cleaves to Water, and Light playfully prances away from Darkness, Good also tiptoes around Evil, who instinctively does the same. They’ve a little something in common, that both titillates and terrifies.



FALL 2011

REFRIGERATOR MOTHER By Alessandra Hirsch (September 22-24)

             The only thing more powerful than a mother’s grief is her guilt.


TRACES By Talya Chalef (October 21-23)


WASHING AWAY By Paulina Barros (November 4-6)

Sometimes you have to fade away to come back to being.


“FRENCH” EMILIE’S FABULOUS!? WORLD By Pei-Chieh Chiang (November 17-20)

         The U.S. Government has announced a new law to arrest all over-enthusiastic admirers of foreign cultures on the charge of Cultural Mimicry! Emilie, arrested for French Mimicry, will be interrogated in the Roosevelt Island Jail Talk Show, a live inquisition hosted by the Policeman and exploring the motives and complete process of committing the crimes of Emilie!!!


STATUS STATED By Paola Lázaro Muñoz (December 2-4)



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